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Aluminum Fuel Tank for UNIMOG U1300L
Aluminum Fuel Tank for UNIMOG U1300L
Aluminum Fuel Tank for UNIMOG U1300L   Available Dimensions: Height Width Length Capacity OEM ...
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Aluminum Fuel Tank for Diesel - Oil

Our Company has the capability to manufacture fuel tanks for Diesel - Oil for any dimensions for all the trucks.
Also we can manufacture for partition rollover oil in the tank you have in your truck.


Our company manufactures aluminum fuel tanks using high quality materials such as (AIMg 5754H22, galvanized mounting brackets, INOX straps) to achieve increased resistance to erosion and decrease weight.
We manufacture various types of fuel tanks so that they absolutely suit every type of truck (e.g. tractors, hoppers, excavation trucks etc.), as well as every brand of automobiles such as: SCANIA, DAF, IVECO, RENAULT, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO etc.
We have the ability to manufacture mixed tanks for diesel-hydraulic oil or diesel-Adblue.
We are also able to manufacture upon request tanks for motorboats and buses in any dimension.


  1. Decreased weight up to 50%.
  2. Huge variety of dimensions so that they absolutely fit every type of automobile.
  3. Huge variety of mounting brackets for easy and safe placement. Mounting brackets are galvanized to  resist erosion as well as the INOX straps.
  4. Extreme tank resistance to erosion due to aluminum type (5754 Η22).
  5. All materials are recyclable.
  6. Competitive prices